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About.  BEENET matches institutions with the latest technology to ensure smooth and intuitive day-to-day operation. BEENET partners with leading software and customers ranging from higher education institutions to businesses.

Who Are We?  Founded in 1999, BEENET provides innovative eLearning solutions, enterprise email services, and media network services to customers in Asia. Led by our service hubs in Hong Kong and Singapore, BEENET has an extensive branch of offices across Asia, including Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines , which allows BEENET to enhance customer experience effectively and efficiently.

What We Do.  BEENET boasts a dynamic team of about 35 highly trained and qualified software professionals, systems and support engineers, consultants, and project and account managers who commit their talents to balancing innovation and practicality by finding the perfect software that matches each institution’s unique needs. With comprehensive support and services, BEENET fosters on-going and long-lasting relationships with institutions.

BEENET provides comprehensive Technical Support Service to the solutions we offer. We have Tier 1 support teams in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan for Open LMS and Echo360 solutions. Our goal is to make your use of eLearning solutions and services as productive and effective as possible.

Customers can use our Technical Support Service to raise technical issues and ask product related questions. Customers are provided with a Web-based Support Portal, Support Email Address and Telephone Number to reach our technical support team.

BEENET provides customers with various face-to-face Training Services on the solutions we represent. We offer various levels of trainings for Blackboard Learn, Open LMS and Echo360 to familiarise our customers to use our solutions effectively.

Our team of certified trainers conduct basic, intermediate, advanced and train-the-trainer types of trainings on the solutions. These trainings target the full spectrum of needs our clients face.

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    At BEENET, we provide exciting career opportunities that challenge your aspiration and develop your career. Join us today and be part of our talented and dynamic team!

    Candidates shall email full resume, expected salary, and available date to hr@bee-net.com

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    Vision by BEENET is a proprietary monitoring solution for Echo360 ALP administrators (“Administrators”). With a ease of use design, Vision also integrates seamlessly with your institution's Echo360 ALP.

    Vision provides real time pre-emptive monitoring, an early detection solution supporting successful institution-wide video content capturing. Vision automatically monitors all Echo360 ALP recordings simultaneously with early detection notifications. It is supported by BEENET’s Tier 1 Technical Support Service team for greater success, and provides Administrators a dashboard access for ease of monitoring.

    Vision is able to help your Administrators monitor recordings across multiple locations in real time, respond more quickly to system errors, and generate more accurate data analytics - all from a single dashboard.

    "Vision is an impressive and beautiful system and has helped us tremendously in our daily operations. We do not have the luxury of time to check every single class on a daily basis but with Vision, we are able to monitor 22 class locations from a single dashboard and get immediate notification of any recording errors. Previously it was only when a student alerts us to a recording error that we are able to check the system and usually by this point in time, we have already lost the video footage. With Vision, our team is better able to conduct round the clock monitoring for early detection errors to minimize the number of failed recordings.” – MDIS

    We believe that Vision's pre-emptive monitoring features for your Echo360 ALP will produce better outcomes, and improved ROI for your institution.

    Our teams will be happy to arrange a consultation with you on a possible integration of your Echo360 ALP with Vision.

    Click here to contact us.